ice triptych

I’ve chosen three photos from the past week of shooting that I hope will provide a slightly different view of winter, snow, ice and cold. To see a larger view of each photo, just click on it.

The above photo, which I call Jagged, is what remains of a frozen stream.

The second photo, is entitled Whale’s Eye, in response to a friend’s comment that the dark hole in the ice reminds him of the eye of a whale… dark, mysterious, possibly even dangerous. The very large, elongated ice crystals were also unusual. I knelt down to photograph them, but was then drawn to photograph the hole in the ice because it seemed weird… enigmatic…. almost like the portal to some other world.

The final photo, Frozen Lake, was taken at one end of an expanse of ice-covered flooded forest. The same friend who saw the whale’s eye in the ice crystals, commented that the tall, thin, standing tree snag, reminded him of the gnomon of a sundial — and indeed, that’s just what I was thinking as I shot this photo. That afternoon, the sun seemed so bright and strong, but being out on the icy pond was almost unbearably cold — almost as though the ice was neutralizing the warmth of the sun — almost like being stranded in the vacuum of outer space…

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4 Responses to “ice triptych”

  1. burning silo Says:

    “my friend” who commented that the hole in the ice looks like a whale’s eye, is (apparently) too shy to post on my blog yet… and so, these are today’s comments received regarding the “Frozen Lake” photo:

    I think another just came to me about the foto tho.
    It’s like it could be in the Movie, “The Donner Not So Party”

    I think the tree is saying, as loud as possible, “Go left – that way – and hurry.”

    Remember that girl in the Party who said, she wrote to her cousin, “Hurry along, and dont take no shortcuts.” (True.)

    Call me Donner Diner.

    Donner Dinner?

    …Well, perhaps that’s *why* he’s too shy to post here.
    One can only hope that will change in time.



  2. Laiku Oh Says:

    I like the “Whale’s Eye” picture the best; it has impossible detail of every single abnormal shard sticking out towards the hole, as well as the deep, ominous eye peeking out with a wary eye. But the “eye” is very strange… It seems like a curled, ridged tube.

  3. burning silo Says:

    Laiku – I like the Whale’s Eye photo too, and for the same reasons that you’ve described so well. It’s sort of a mysterious image, isn’t it?

  4. Laiku Oh Says:

    It is very curious, and it has that theme that makes you terribly wonderous but careful…