i’m here

This will probably come as a bit of a surprise, but I’m “here” now — “here” being out on the west coast in the vicinity of the Columbia Gorge. However, this isn’t a picture from today. I shot this one a few years ago, while on my last visit out west. I haven’t said much to anyone about this trip before today as I wasn’t sure if it would happen and whether I would actually go. I’m not exactly a happy flier. I will travel from time to time, but it’s always a little iffy as to whether I’ll actually make myself go through with it — so I didn’t want to jinx myself by saying I was going.

Anyhow, I wrote this post on Tuesday — the day before leaving — and asked Don to post it once I had my feet back on terra firma. I’ll probably be out here for about 3 weeks or so, give or take a few days. I doubt that I’ll be very connected to the net most of the time, which is part of the nature of this trip. However, if I find myself in a coffee shop with WiFi while going from one place to another, I will be sure to upload a few photos and post some notes to the blog. In the meantime, I did write a few small pieces which Don said he would post from time to time. He’ll also be checking the comments to answer questions as best as he can, or delete any spam that sneaks through. He’ll also be tagging and releasing the last batch of Monarchs for me!

I will be taking plenty of photos along the way, so should have some neat things to share when I return, or maybe even along the way! Everyone stay well and I’ll be back before you know it. (-:

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6 Responses to “i’m here”

  1. Wayne Says:

    Heh – you made it, and you’re a braver person than I am, as we spoke about. Congratulations. Thanks to Don for posting for us.

  2. Peter Says:

    I just assumed you would make it :-) Looking forward to photos, either during or on your return, and as Wayne said, thanks Don.

  3. robin andrea Says:

    Yay! You’re in our time zone! I don’t know how the weather is in the Columbia Gorge area, but we’re having rainy cloudy weather here. It’s beautiful. I wish you could make it up to the Olympic Peninsula and check out our neck of the woods, but it’s just nice to know you are out here in the PNW breathing the air off the beautiful Pacific. Have a fantastic journey.

    Hi Don. Thanks for keeping Bev in touch with us.

  4. LauraH Says:

    Have a nice trip!

  5. John Says:

    Have a wonderful trip! I hope you take plenty of photos along the way. I’ve been toying with the idea of asking you to allow me to create a compilation of your photos! I envy you your location. Have fun!

  6. burning silo Says:

    Wayne – Yes! I made it! It was all a bit crazy… as per usual, I didn’t exactly enjoy the flying part. I had a very short connection time in Vancouver and almost missed my flight due to big line-ups at the U.S. customs and security section, but did manage to arrive at my destination in slightly frazzled condition. One week into my trip, the voyage is all but forgotten and I’m having a good time. Unfortunately, I’ll have to go through the ordeal again in about 2 or so weeks, but it will have been worth it. Seeing lots of good stuff! Will try to post something soon — perhaps tonight or early tomorrow.

    Peter – I had assumed I’d make it too, but I always hate to say much ahead of time so that I won’t feel like a klutz if I end up backing out of flying — not that I’ve actually ever cancelled my flight! (-:

    Robin – Yes, I’m in your time zone and struggling just a little with jet lag, but managing okay. We had a bit of rain along the gorge during the evening of my arrival and have been dodging the odd rain shower in the trip, but also catching a lot of nice wethater. I was also thinking that I wished it weren’t so far to the Olympic Peninsula from where I’m drifting around, but maybe next time — no doubt there will be other trips as I do love the PNW.

    Laura – Thanks! Things are going well so far! (-:

    John – Yes, I’m taking tons of photos along the way and will be posting them once I get some of them uploaded. I’ll probably put them into a gallery in my Pbase photo galleries once I have a bit of time to do some uploading. Hopefully, I’ll get to that pretty soon. And thanks, yes, I’m definitely having some fun out here!