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This is a follow up to my previous post concerning, among other things, my foray into night photography using an infrared game camera. As you may remember from last year, there is a population of Javelina (Collared Peccaries) residing on the nearby mountainside. Occasionally, a raiding party passes through…..

02:35:12 p.m.: – an object of interest (to someone)

12:04:07 a.m.: – a night marauder appears at the scene of the crime

12:04:49 a.m.: – perpetrator caught in an act of vandalism

12:38:23 a.m.: – perpetrator joined by a buddy

12:38:58 a.m.: – more friends arrive to join the mayhem

12:40:16 a.m.: – no food left and this party is getting boring

12:40:57 a.m.: – hidden camera discovered by someone with long whiskers – everyone splits

04:35:06 p.m.: – aftermath of the party – clean up crew arrives to put things in order

Written by bev on March 23rd, 2010