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the happy house   15 comments

Sage and Shelby enjoying a sunny afternoon in the front garden of the happy house

As another summer comes to a close, it seems an appropriate time to look back on the house as it appeared when I first arrived here in Round Hill in April 2010 (see below – click on all photos for larger views).

the forlorn house back in April 2010

What do you think? Four summers of plenty of sweat and elbow grease has made quite a difference! When I first arrived here, the old place was in a shambles. As many of you may remember, I bought it sight unseen other than through photos and video clips. Upon arrival, I wasn’t dismayed. In fact, the state of the house barely registered as I was still in that peculiar state of seething fury that sustained me during the first three or so years after Don’s death. Perhaps it’s good that I felt that way. Otherwise, I might well have abandoned this project as there was just so much to do in order to make the house even passably inhabitable. The truth is that living here has been a pretty spartan existence. Fortunately, that didn’t bother me much. Most of the time, I was entirely oblivious. I expect that my few-and-far-between visitors wondered if I was off my stick for staying here. Well, perhaps I was.

new doors put on about two weeks ago

Anyhow, things are better now. Great strides have been made this summer. I won’t go into a detailed enumeration, but suffice to say that the house is looking and feeling much happier these days.

Brook Trout painting on the screen door

And, things are finally to the point that I’ve even been inspired to get creative – painting floors and fish on doors – and so on.

new windows on the east side of house overlooking the brook

One of the nicest projects was to get some new windows for the brook side of the house. The best of the original windows could then be added to those that I had been rebuilding for the front of the house. When I arrived in 2010, most of the front windows were a rotting, unsalvageable mess. However, now with the extras, I was able to assemble enough for the three front windows. I even had enough of the rippled antique panes of glass to fill all of the upper sashes. They look wonderful from inside the house – like looking out into a slightly watery impressionist painting. In daylight, the same panes throw beautiful shadows and reflections on the interior walls.

Sage and Shelby investigating the repaired cellar entrance

The collapsing cellar entrance is now well shored up with concrete and reinforcing rods. No longer must I worry about a cave-in on the way into the basement!

All in all, it’s been a terrific summer — between playing music with friends, cooking up the bounty of the prolific vegetable patch, and seeing the completion of a number of projects. It’s all been good. The forlorn old house has grown into a much happier place.

my folk art totemic weathervane on the peak of the tower roof

Written by bev wigney on October 7th, 2013

meet shelby   16 comments

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Let me introduce you to Shelby, the most recent addition to my little family. Since Sabrina’s death on May 29 last year, I’ve been casually watching for a suitable companion for Sage. I was hoping to find a young adult collie with a calm temperament much like Sabrina’s. I began watching kijiji ads a couple of months ago, but there were few large Rough Collies, and those were either pups, or older dogs. A couple of days before leaving to spend some time working on the old house at Round Hill, I noticed an ad for a 4-year-old tricolor collie – the same colour as Sabrina. At first, I thought of not inquiring about the dog as I was so rushed trying to finish up trip preparations. However, then I decided that this might be the one I’d been looking for these past few weeks.

As it turned out, it seems that Shelby is just the type of dog I was hoping to find. She is a large, gentle dog with a calm and loving temperament. She’s well trained and kind. Really, she is everything I would expect from a Rough Collie. I feel fortunate to have found her, and appreciative of the care and love that her previous owner had provided in raising such a wonderful dog. So, Shelby joined our tribe less than 24 hours before we set out for the old house. I was a little concerned about how she would handle all the strangeness – new owner, new canine companion, being on the road, staying at a motel, arriving at a new house. She turned out to be a real trooper – no problems whatsoever with so many changes.

And what about Sage? It’s been amusing to watch her reaction to the newcomer. At first, she was cordial, as she is with all visiting dogs. Then around dinner time of the first day, she began to look puzzled, or possibly even alarmed that this dog hadn’t gone home to wherever it belonged. It was even eating a bowl of food! There were a couple of semi-hostile moments, but actually fewer than might be expected. As I watch the two dogs, I realize that Sage has never really had much chance for playful interaction. Sage joined us when Sabrina was about ten years old. Now she and Shelby can race around together, running and play-fighting over the front and back gardens like a couple of young pups. When they’ve both had enough of the craziness, they sit or lie together like longtime friends. It’s nice to see.

Written by bev wigney on May 4th, 2013