mourning doves

For the past couple of days, it seems that wherever I go in the yard, an inseparable pair of Mourning Doves (Zenaida macroura) are perched together in one of the trees as in the above photo. They never perch more than a few inches apart, and are often much closer. They are so attentive to each other, and often sit preening themselves and then reaching over to preen the other’s feathers several times as well. They seem so infatuated at the moment, which is sort of interesting as we’ve had doves coming to the feeders all winter and none of them showed this level of pair bonding until just this week. It would seem that spring is in the air.

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2 Responses to “mourning doves”

  1. Mélisande Says:


    I was wondering whether I could use that beautiful picture of yours on my blog. We have got a couple of doves making a nest next to our window and I would like to tell my readers about it. With a nice picture to accompany it. =)



  2. bev Says:

    Melisande – Yes, that sounds fine. Use the image, but just put a little note somewhere with a photo credit to me (Bev Wigney) and I would appreciate a link back to my blog. Thanks, bev