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Just a short post today. On nights when I’m not too tired, I’ve been going out looking for moths after dark. Sometimes I set up a bug-zapper lamp wrapped in a white sheet (to prevent moth fatalities), and other times, I just walk around the garden with a flashlight, watching for moths moving between the trees or through the vegetation. That’s how I got the above photo of the Common Lytrosis moth (Lytrosis unitaria – Hodges 6720). I saw it flying to a small apple tree in the garden, so followed it and took a few photos. I love the wood-grained look of its wings (click on images for larger views).

Below is a shot of an Orange-barred Carpet Moth (Dysstroma hersiliata – Hodge 7189) that was attracted by the bug-zapper lamp. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had a few of these occasionally make an appearance. It looks to me like it was “detailed” by someone who paints flames on hotrods.

If you’re interested in viewing some of the other moths I’ve photographed, visit my Moth Gallery on Pbase. I add a few new moths every few days.

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13 Responses to “after dark”

  1. Cicero Sings Says:

    That Common Lytrosis moth is indeed interesting … I too, love the wood imitation look … a real fashion statement!

  2. John Says:

    Even the shape of the wings is irregular, like bark on a tree. Amazing stuff, Bev.

  3. DougT Says:

    The common lytrosis is one that I’m familiar with. OTOH, I’ve never seen the orange-barred carpet before. Wow, those colors are outrageous.

  4. Laurie Says:

    hi Bev,
    I’m really excited to ind your website! And inspired too, as I’ve been taking photos of mushrooms lately and wondering what to do with them. Your photos are beautiful, and as for moths, I live next to some woods, and the moths are fantastic! More kinds than I ever could’ve imagined. Nature is so amazing….
    Thanks for your pictures and words.

  5. DougT Says:

    Bev, I was thinking of you last night. A beautiful fresh specimen of Catocala ultronia showed up at my screened porch. No picture, unfortunately.

  6. bev Says:

    Doug – Well, I would have loved to see that Catocala. Which reminds me that you’re just the person to take a look at a moth for me. It showed up on my porch a couple of days ago — found clinging to a toolbox. Do you recognize it? Unfortunately, this isn’t the best of photos, but probably enough for an ID:
    Also, I shot this big moth the previous night — really a lovely looking moth. I believe it’s Acronicta lepusculina. What do you think?

  7. DougT Says:

    hi Bev,

    Your first photo is fairly easy. It’s Noctua pronuba see here. It’s a relatively recent newcomer from Asia. Covell’s moth field guide does not list it, for example. I’m not liking lepusculina for the second picture, though I don’t have a good alternative for you. It’s not white enough.

  8. bev Says:

    Hi Doug,
    Thanks very much for the ID for the N. pronuba. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one around here before, so it’s a new moth for our farm. I don’t know if the photo reflects the colour of that second moth with enough accuracy. It was certainly a pale grey colour and really stood out as being a bit different than most other moths that I see. That said, I too found the ID questionable and stuck a (?) on it for now. Thanks again for looking at these shots.

  9. Wayne Says:

    Well this is embarrassing. I don’t know how I missed two new posts. I must have been getting a cached front page instead of the fresh one.

    Anyway, the orange-barred carpet moth *is* outrageous! I now have a black light bulb mounted in a reflector socket. I’ll have to try it out tonight. It’s all very intimidating, this business of going after night moths, but now that I know Doug is good with them too… ;-)

    Good pbase photos of the two moths. I wonder how the N. pronuba got here from Asia?

  10. Barbarapc Says:

    So glad I stumbled on your site – wonderful photos and great links – had been having problems with insect damage on Echinacea – none of the species, just some of the newer varieties. Alas my search continues – but thanks for the pleasant stop-over!

  11. John Says:

    It’s all up to you, Bev, but just thought I’d mention that some of your fans are anxious to hear from you. You brighten some days, I tell you.

  12. bev Says:

    Barbara- Thanks for you comments about my blog. Glad you found your way here!

    John – Ha! That’s just what I needed to motivate me to write a post or two! Thanks. (o:

  13. Wing King Says:

    Bev I was wondering about a bug I have. This is no ordinary bug it stands at about 3 inches tall and has big eyes that just stare at me. Oh wait thats the money I could be saving using Geico. Oh well thank you Bev

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