at the post office

Animal Tracks and Signs
by Jinny Johnson
National Geographic, 2008.

Yesterday, I picked up a package that had arrived at the local post office. It was an advance copy of Animal Tracks and Signs, which is due out in August 2008. Several of my photographs are scattered among the many other photos and illustrations throughout the book. One of them is the image of the cocoon below. It’s always fun to receive a copy of a book, magazine or other piece of media in which one of my photos appears. I’m always a little uncertain of how an image will look, but most of the time, I’m pleasantly surprised, as is the case with this book. Once it’s out in print, I’ll be sure to order a copy to send to my mom, and another for my niece who is crazy over animals! (-:

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  1. John Says:

    Congratulations again, Bev! That looks like a book I’d like to look at, too, so I’ll keep my eyes open for it in August.

  2. robin andrea Says:

    I’m always googling for animal tracks, so this looks like a book I should have. Congratulations on being part of such a fine offering.

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Congratulations. I love hoe the leaf is incorporated into the cocoon. A Designing Caterpillar, to be sure!

  4. NIna Says:

    Just out of curiosity, how does one do this?

    Do you know of a need for a shot and go find one, or find that you have a good shot and go see who needs one?

  5. Peter Says:

    Congrats Bev. National Geographic is no small name!

  6. Dave Says:


    That is awesome! You must be very proud! It looks like a really nice book!

  7. Ruhh Says:

    So… What’s in this cocoon? or do I have to get the book to find out?

  8. bev Says:

    Thanks everyone! To answer a couple of your questions, Nina asked, “how does one do this?” (meaning making sales of photos). I don’t work at my sales at all. What I do is to upload my photos in my various galleries on Pbase. I make sure that all photos are captioned as accurately as possible. That makes them easy for book and magazine photo researchers to find using image search engines such as Google. I currently have over 5,000 of my nature photos posted online. I have a huge number of images of many creatures that are not posted online, but just don’t have time to get everything uploaded.
    Ruhh asked “What’s in this cocoon?” I’m about 99% sure that it’s the cocoon of a Cecropia Moth.

  9. thingfish23 Says:

    Thank you – oh thank you for sharing how to post images online for possible publication. My wife is forever telling me that I need to do this, but I had no idea how. Just what I needed – another huge project. But if it’ll put a few pennies in my pocket, I’m game.

    Congratulations, Bev.

    p.s. my only photo claim to fame is an autopsy photo in Forensic Pathology, by Lew et al. Still, it’s something.

  10. bev Says:

    thingfish – You’re welcome! I know you have a lot of good photos that would be marketable, so definitely try to make the effort to get your stuff up online. Btw, I don’t think you have to set up a personal website or anything. Just get your stuff onto a photo gallery service that allows a reasonable amount of customization of its galleries. I happen to like Pbase over some others. If I were starting over again, I might (possibly) choose an online photo gallery service that also offered photo printing and mailing to customers (although I don’t really know if I want to be into that too badly). One important piece of advice for you is to be sure to take and post good photos of invasive species. There’s a reasonable demand for photos of them by government departments, etc…

  11. Kerri Says:

    Congratulations! I just hopped over hear from Nina’s blog and I’m so glad I did. I love this cocoon shot! I will be back for more :)

  12. Cathy Wilson Says:

    Bev. This is such a delight. I will have a copy of that book in my possession for both it’s highly useful purpose, but because a bit of the world as seen through your eyes will be found there.


  13. Janna Says:

    I just stumbled upon your blog when I googled “butterfly feeding”. What a treasure it is! Congratulations on your publication.

    My 5 yr old son is in love with all sorts of insects, arachnids, reptiles, etc. For his birthday, we bought him a “butterfly pavilion” from Insect Lore that arrived with 8 painted lady caterpillars. Today 3 of them emerged. Two appear normal, but the third appears to have had some difficulty getting out, and its wings seem to have dried in a crumpled position. We had planned on releasing them all, but I think this one will be better off if we find a way to feed it and keep it inside.

    A couple of months ago, we let our son keep Eastern Tent Caterpillars, daily going to the tree with the tent in it and getting more leaves, until they all turned into cocoons and finally emerged as moths. We released them shortly after they emerged. Photos of them are on my blog.

    Thank you for posting such an interesting blog. I’ll be back again.

  14. bev Says:

    Hi Janna – Thanks for your kind comments about my blog. Glad that you found the butterfly feeding of some help to you. I agree that the butterfly with the crumpled wings would not fare too well if set loose to fend for itself. We had a Monarch like that 2 years ago and I released it onto flowers in our perennial garden where it wandered around for a couple of weeks before disappearing.
    I just clicked over to your blog to see the post and photos. Nice project for your son. I think such projects very much contribute to fostering a lifelong interest in the natural world.

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