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Over the past couple or so days, in comments left at this post, there were a couple of queries as to where I’ve gone (hi Clare). Well, I’m still around, but not as active in my usual ways, so things have almost ground to a halt in the blog posting department. This is partly due to the kind of winter we’ve been having — a lot of snow which seems to have kept me indoors more than usual — but there’s more. For the past while, we’ve been busy dealing with a major bump in the road to our lives. A couple of months or so ago, Don retired due to a serious (and quite unexpected) illness. Suffice to say that things are a little upside down around here these days. And, winter seems to be dragging on interminably. We are very much looking forward to spring weather which, unfortunately, is still a few weeks off. With the return of sunshine and insects, no doubt I will have plenty to write about once more.

In the meantime, I’ve been putzing around doing some drawing and painting in my spare time. The above is the result of an afternoon’s work. If you know your Gauguin, you’ll no doubt find the background familiar. Inspired by his, Nevermore, I painted a good friend’s cat curled up on a bed in Tahiti — a place and pose which is entirely in character for this particular cat. My apologies for the large signature on the painting, but I get somewhat ticked off when my art gets copied and posted on other people’s sites without some kind of attribution (as happens quite often with my photos), so I decided to mark this one. Any friends who would like to see a somewhat larger unmarked version are welcome to email me and I’ll send you a copy.

Thanks to everyone who has continued to drop by to check on my blog. No promises about how much posting I’ll be doing in the next few weeks, but I do expect that things will pick up once we get into better weather.

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  1. robin andrea Says:

    You are such a wonderful artist, bev. It looks like you are using that down time of winter quite productively. I hope spring arrives soon with those warming rays of the sun, coaxing all good things out of the earth to grow and bloom again. Best wishes to Don for a speedy and full recovery.

  2. John Says:

    Bev, you have an amazing spectrum of talents, as robin andrea says. I love your painting of your friend’s cat. I’m delighted to see another post from you! Spring will be a good time for you; I can already feel it coming on. Best to you and Don both.

  3. Wayne Says:

    Dear Bev – you know I am a cattish person so I love your painting.

    Snow! Take pictures of snow for your poor sweltering neighbors far to the south who only want a smidge of it, just enough to throw things into a well-deserved chaos for awhile. A week or two.

    Best wishes to Don, and to you too. It’s good to hear your voice.

  4. Clare Says:

    Didn’t know I was such a pest, did you? Hope that things go well for Don, and you of course also. Love the painting. The Water In Between Kevin Patterson’s excellent book has some snippets about Gauguin in Tahiti. Here’s to warmer weather for you, and the opportunity to go on virtual walks with you some more.

  5. Tussock Mirth Says:

    Did you know one weekend Gauguin used his wife Mette’s tablecloth for a canvas, and then her best petticoat for PAINT RAGS?????

    Almighty, Mon.
    Guy had ‘nads.

    Or I dunno,

  6. Dave Says:

    Thanks for the update, Bev. I wish we could swap winters with you! Ours has been a nothing so far. It was so warm a few days ago, the insects were flying. Love the Gaugin cat!

  7. Nina Says:

    I miss your wonderful eye for beauty and knowledge in so many areas.
    Wishes for a speedy transition to springtime–and wellness in your household.

  8. Dave Says:

    Thanks for the post, and the update. (You have quite a fan base!) I’ll be keeping fingers crossed for you-all in these thawing days ahead.


  9. pablo Says:

    I echo all that has been said. I knew you’d come back, and I’m grateful for whatever posting you can make.

  10. bev Says:

    Thanks for your kind comments. We both appreciate your wishes for Don’s return to good health. Thanks for the book recommendation, Clare. With any luck, I may have a post or two coming up very soon!

  11. Marnie Says:

    Best wishes to you both, and fingers crossed for some warmer weather. Now my cat thinks she deserves a nice bed in sunny Tahiti to snooze on.

  12. Larry Ayers Says:

    I extend my best wishes for your husband! A very nice cat painting you presented.

    I live several degrees of latitude south of you, but this has been a difficult winter here too. Night-time temps near zero, and frequent snow and ice. I’m longing for spring!

  13. Mark P Says:

    Well, I had been wondering. Not to say worrying, you understand, but wondering. Glad to see you back.

  14. Phantom Midge Says:

    Glad to see your post! I finally got my camera with a macro so now I am trying to take some spectacular photos like you do (uh…I’m still working on that…think I need a tripod!)
    I wish the best for you and your husband.

  15. DougT Says:

    Great cat painting. But then I’m partial to cats.

  16. DougT Says:

    Um, that’s painting. Most unfortunate typo there.

  17. celeste Says:

    Hi Bev! I’ve been poking in to check up on you too ;0). I hope your husband is on the mend, I think you are good medicine for him!

    I love your cat painting–is there somewhere we could get a print? Love your cat/woman Gauguin idea, I know LOTS of (cat)people would love that painting!

    Spring is coming, it ALWAYS does! ;0)

  18. celeste Says:

    hmm, spelling mistakes are contagious, I meant ALWAYS

  19. bev Says:

    Thanks again, everyone! Doug & Celeste — never fear! I fixed those pesky typos.
    And Celeste — I’m actually thinking of doing something with the Gauguin cat — possibly prints of some kind. It may not happen right away, but I’ll post something about it later if I happen to get something together in the near future. Thanks for the vote of confidence on it though! (-:

  20. Randa Says:

    Hi Bev…Sorry to know that hubby is ill; I hope things get righted soon.

    There has certainly been an awful lot of snow; you’re right. It wears one down, dealing with it! At least the daylight is hanging on longer now — that’s always a welcome sign that Spring is getting closer.

  21. am Says:

    Sending kindest thoughts to you and Don. This has been a long winter. Loved seeing your painting today. Every time I have checked your blog during your quiet time, I have loved seeing the swans.

  22. Cate (KerrdeLune) Says:

    First of all, good thoughts and gentle energies as you both transition into Don’s retirement, and I hope there is a very good and effective medical protocol for his health issues.

    Secondly, I love the photo.

    Thirdly, we are in the same predicament in the Lanark Highlands – we seem to be doing little these days except move snow, and the drifts are so high that I am having trouble heaving snow up onto them. Poking about in the woods is treacherous because of the deep snow everywhere, and we are all suffering from cabin fever and general grumpiness – I am definitely not a serene old hen when kept out of the woods and indoors for days at a clip. May there be an early spring for all of us – I am thoroughly weary of taking snow pictures.

  23. bev Says:

    Randa – Yes, it sure is nice to see the longer days. I was just thinking that last night!

    am – Thanks, am. Yes, it’s been a very long winter. However, it has given me some time to do a little bit of painting. I had gotten away from it for a few years, but am getting some enjoyment from it these days. I’m sure you know what i mean.

    Cate – Thanks for the well wishes. I thought of you and your snow when we were up for a drive in Lanark a few weeks ago — on one of the winding backroads between Clayton Lake and Middleville, the snow banks were so high that we were musing over what the plows will do if the snow continues to fall as the roadway was already becoming quite narrow! I hope that we will have an early spring!

  24. Cathy Wilson Says:

    Hi Bev,

    I can’t believe I’ve not dropped by since the 9th and missed this incredible portrait. I know I shouldn’t be surprised to see this side of your creativity. Somehow I’d missed that you could paint like this. Holy Kamoly. It’s gorgeous.

    All my good wishes to you and Don. Everyone I talk to is so impatient for Spring and I can understand your longing for the smell of loam, the sound of peepers. Let me refer you to Nina’s Blog. She’s actually heard peepers in February. made my heart sing.

    Stay cozy. Be well, my friend. The light is returning. Have you heard the Titmouse say so ?

  25. John Says:

    Bev, I’m going to be away for what may be quite some time and just wanted to encourage you to keep posting when you can. I hope everything continues to get better for you and Don. It’s been a pleasure to read your blog and learn from your experiences. I wish you all the best.

  26. KGMom Says:

    Oh Bev, so cool–painting a cat in a Gaugin style. I just love it.
    And I do recognize the pose. The cat should be most honored-but knowing cats, I suspect the cat thinks “oh course, I deserved that”.

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