As photographers, my friend and I made it something of a ritual to be at the ocean at sunset on almost every evening while traveling along the California and Oregon coast. We photographed the shores and oceans in all kinds of weather and beneath many different skies.

These are just a couple of my photographs (click on each to see a larger view). These were taken on different evenings. The top photo was taken in northern California, and the second and third were taken along the Oregon coast.

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10 Responses to “sunsets”

  1. Dave Says:

    Very nice. I’m headed out to OR the end of this month. Hope the weather holds, but that’s a slim hope in November!

  2. Mark P Says:

    I make it a habit to watch the sun set whenever I am around water to the west. I always hpoe to see the green flash again.

  3. robin andrea Says:

    It’s like a magnet, that sun sinking down into the ocean. It pulls us to watch with a force that we cannot resist. Beautiful shots, bev.

  4. Cathy Wilson Says:

    These are so beautiful with their strong light and dark values – the term chiaroscuro comes to mind. What lovely, wild scenery.

  5. barbara Says:

    The foreground makes the sunsetso striking.

  6. am Says:

    It’s been too long since I’ve seen a sunset over the Pacific ocean. Thanks so much for these photos.

    Was a new experience to be on the Mississippi coast recently, looking south to the horizon and having the sunset be at the far west end of the beach.

  7. crazybunny Says:

    Those are really nice pictures!

  8. bev Says:

    Dave – Yes, November is more like stormwatching weather on the Oregon coast. However, that could be terrific in its own way.

    Mark – I haven’t seen the green flash, but a couple of people who spend time on sailboats have told me about it.

    robin – thanks! You’re right.. that’s how I would describe it too… a magnet that pulls us to the ocean at sunset each evening.

    Cathy – Interesting that you mentioned the chiaroscuro effect. My friend and I were discussing some of the shots we’d taken at sunset in a couple of locations and that’s the word that came up in our conversation.

    barbara – Thanks! The areas where we did most of our shooting were just so incredibly photogenic, so the foregrounds were frequently very interesting.

    am – I could watch sunsets like these every night. That definitely must have been an odd sensation to see the sunset to the west on the beach!

    crazybunny – thanks very much!

  9. Xris (Flatbush Gardener) Says:

    I’ve always grown up near the ocean, Atlantic, that is. I remember my first trip to California, how odd it was to watch the sun set into the water. It reinforced to me that it wasn’t just a different place. I was on a different part of the world.

  10. bev Says:

    Xris – Agree! Quite a different thing to see the sun setting into the water and not over land. Often spectacular. I very much notice things like angle of the sun and also the night skies while traveling. It’s a little disorienting to look up to check out the sky when you’re on the opposite side of the continent. Everything looks a little out of place!

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