we adopt a seal

While in Crescent City, we took a break from photographing and filming wave action at the beaches to drop by the Northcoast Marine Mammal Center, located at Beachfront Park. The center is equipped and staffed to rescue and rehabilitate seals. On the day of our visit, the center was caring for several seals and a sea lion. All are housed in outdoor pens with tanks which the seals can climb in and out of. My friend shot some footage of the seals at feeding time — here’s a short clip about 80 seconds long (2 MB).

Most of the seals were Harbor Seals such as the one in the above photo (click for a larger view).

However, the center is also caring for two Guadalupe Fur Seals (pictured above). Unfortunately, they were preoccupied with staring at the door where their dinner was about to emerge at any time. They move quite differently than the Harbor Seals, having longer flippers which they use to stand more upright.

The mammal center is supported largely through donations. We wished to leave a contribution and ended up “adopting” Enya, one of the Guadalupe seals who was a favourite of the volunteer working in the information center that day. Below is a little information about Enya — that’s also her staring at the door in the above photo.

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4 Responses to “we adopt a seal”

  1. robin andrea Says:

    That looks like a great place to visit. Next time Roger and I are up in Crescent City, I think we’ll head out that way. Nice that you adopted Enya. She looks like quite a charmer.

  2. Cathy Wilson Says:

    These pictures put me on auto-awwwwwww . . . . :0) Your little adoptee is beyond cute. I wonder what Sabrina would make of her?

  3. bev Says:

    robin – I’m sure that Roger and you would enjoy visiting the mammal center. It’s not large, but it’s sort of a neat place.

    Cathy – I’m not sure what Sabrina would think. She’s pretty accepting of other animals though, so no doubt she would make friends.

  4. Declan Says:

    The seals look so cuta and i saw them when i was in Canada And OMG they were so very cute. we saw Harbor seals my favorite one was a seal named Teacup WE fed her froze fish pops we got a the gift shop at the marina they said she would have splassed us but she was pregnant she said they were very excided about her going to have a baby seal pup.
    Anyway the pics are adorable and they reminded me of her

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