mount shasta

We left Grants Pass on Saturday, and travelled east to the Medford area, stopping to visit the Crater Rock Museum at Central Point. I didn’t take photos, but let me just say that it’s well worth a visit if you’re ever passing by. It’s owned and operated by the Roxy Ann Gem & Mineral Society. The collection is international and really pretty impressive.

Leaving Oregon, we tripped on down I-5, passing Mount Shasta along the way (see above – click on image for larger view). I’d only ever seen it from Highway 97, which gives you a very different view. From I-5, you see the mountain looming up ahead, steadily growing as you travel south.

Also seen along that stretch of highway is a low stone wall constructed of boulders. It snakes over and around hills, apparently for miles. That’s it in the above photo. My friend told me a bit about it, but I’m going to do a little research on its origin before saying more.

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  1. robin andrea Says:

    Ah, magical, mystical Mt. Shasta. Such a beautiful mountain. We love passing through on Highway 5 and watching it loom for a hundred miles. It usually has that fine cloud hugging its summit. The story is that that’s where the UFOs are. I’m sure it’s true!

  2. celeste Says:

    HI! It’s fun to see shots of that familiar stretch of road(grandma lives in CA). Keep on having fun!!

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