fiddlin’ around

This is actually old news as I wrote this from our campsite along the McCloud River in the Lake Shasta area and am posting it from Redding. However, I did want to post this photo of a metal sculpture seen in Grants Pass on October 6th. It’s in the corner of a parking lot where we found a farmer’s market on that day. I snapped a shot of this fiddling grasshopper in between buying some olive-rosemary bread and four different types of garlic that we’ll try out while cooking our meals while tripping around over the next couple of weeks.

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  1. robin andrea Says:

    That is a fine looking fiddlin’ grasshopper. Olive-rosemary bread, yum, that’s just the kind of bread I love. Looks like the skies have cleared. Wonderful!

  2. Wren Says:

    What fun! It’s the little discoveries like this that I remember the longest from my trips.

    Glad yours is going well.

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