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Last post of the day.

In lieu of Friday cat-blogging (as I don’t have a cat), it seems this is often my day for posting about Sabrina, or of something around the farm or house. Today, it’s a favourite porcelain bowl by Linda Hynes whose studio is located the Merrickville area. Highly functional, this covered bowl is large — excellent for use as a soup tureen. I very much like the handle on the lid as it’s easy to pick up with a pot holder. The glaze is just wonderful. I have a few more pieces by Linda which I’ll photograph and post at a later date.
[REVISION TO THE NOTE I JUST POSTED HERE: A couple of days ago, I switched off a couple of plug-ins for this blog in case they were causing problems. I just tried switching them back on to see what would happen. I just checked after logging out as Site Admin, and the “big mess” returned. I’ve just turned them back off again, so I’m hoping the errors will disappear again. If anyone is still seeing error messages at the top of the page, leave a note in the comments to this post. I’m just going to check to see what the blog looks like when I log out again. Hopefully it is back to “normal” again!].

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6 Responses to “favourite things”

  1. Peter Says:

    Very nice pot, functional is a must for me too. Stacy and I visited the NS craft show today, quite alot of pottery, wood and iron artists, probably about 50 artists have set up for the weekend showing. We purchased some kitchen pottery for Christmas gifts from a local artist, as well as a few other localy made items.

  2. Gin Says:

    The blog looks fine, no error messages. The pot looks better. Nice shape, lovely colors.

  3. burning silo Says:

    Peter – My house is small enough that almost everything has to be functional. Pottery is great because its often both beautiful and functional too. I’ll be there were some nice pieces at the NS craft show. I’ve seen some wonderful pottery while I’ve tripped around down your way.

    Gin – Thanks for letting me know!

  4. Duncan Says:

    A lovely bowl Bev, like the handle, elegant. The only problem I’ve had with WordPress was due to a dodgy plugin, the only one I run now is Akismet for the cursed comment spam.

  5. robin andrea Says:

    That is a beautiful bowl, Bev. It reminds me of something my brother and his wife had for years. Very similar, elegant curved handle. Lovely rich colors. Functional art is the best.

  6. burning silo Says:

    Duncan – I use Askimet too and it’s terrific. Barely a piece of spam gets through.

    robin – That’s what I love about pottery – the combination of beauty and functionality.