a kitchen bowl

The weather has finally cooled off (thank goodness). I’m hoping to get a bit of outdoor and indoor work done today. To say it’s been uncomfortably hot for the past few days would be understating things. So, this morning’s post will just be something simple so that I can get on with my work.

A couple of weeks ago, while we were off wandering around on Nova Scotia beaches, roger at dharma bums posted photos of some favourite kitchen items and asked if others had favourites too. I commented that, once home again, I’d try to post a photo of one of our everyday bowls, so here it is (click on image for larger view). This is one of a few large bowls that sees regular use in our kitchen. I love functional pottery — especially large bowls and jars. Around here, they don’t sit on a shelf gathering dust. No. We use bowls like this for everything from mixing bread dough, to serving salads. We’ve had this one for quite a few years and it’s seen a lot of use. It’s about 12 inches across and has a very nice shape and feel to it. The colours and tonal quality of the glaze just happens to reflect those throughout much of our place. The bowl was made by Glen Dunning of Embrun, Ontario (I just discovered that he has a blog – not much used, but it gives some contact info and his shop hours for anyone who might be interested).

Well, back to work here! It’s supposed to begin turning warm again by the weekend, so best make use of this day.

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One Response to “a kitchen bowl”

  1. robin andrea Says:

    That is a beautiful bowl. I love functional pottery too.