home just in time

The timing of our return to the farm could not have been better. We returned to party in progress — one that must have been planned by the daylilies. As mentioned before, I don’t do much gardening these days. In fact, sometimes I wander around the yard thinking, “Who did all of this?” because it seems like it must have happened in another life. Any cultivated flowers in the garden are a remnant of that era. Now, I just let everyone do their own thing. It seems to work as most of the flowers appear to like the arrangement. Those that didn’t must have departed long ago.

It’s been so long since I planted all of these daylilies that I’ve forgotten most of their names. However, anonymous as they may be, they’re still beautiful. In appreciation, I thought it might be nice to post photos of a few of them.

lilies in bloom in the gardens right now
click on thumbnail for larger view


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2 Responses to “home just in time”

  1. robin andrea Says:

    Nice color on those daylilies. The previous owners of our place planted daylilies here too. We don’t take very good care of them, but they do show up every year and reward our neglect with their beauty!

  2. burning silo Says:

    Robin – They certainly are “easy keepers” – which, around here, is good for their sake! (-: