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The past few weeks have seen me quietly working away on the old house at Round Hill. Originally, I’d planned to leave the place mostly empty while working on the exterior and gradually the interior toward the end of summer. However, after a few weeks here, I finally got sick of living inside an empty box and decided to have furniture and belongings brought here out of storage. Of course, the house wasn’t really ready to receive anything as it still requires a terrific amount of interior repairs. Regardless, I worked very hard at repairing plaster and then painting the three main rooms in the downstairs – leaving one more that is a torn up mess. The upstairs is now partly done too. I hope to finish two upstairs rooms this summer and leave the other two for next summer. The truck arrived a little over a week ago — in the rain. We unloaded and stacked everything in a couple of the rooms. I’ve spent the past week trying to straighten things around as best as I can. It’s still a bit chaotic, but the designated kitchen area is a lot better than before now that there are a few pieces of furniture and some cookware.

Outdoors, the yard and surrounding woods are going wild. Everything is looking so verdant. I’ll try to shoot and put up photos of the yard later this week. For now, I’ve posted a couple of photos of Round Hill Brook, taken from the bridge just below my place. The above photo is taken looking upstream, while the one below was taken looking downstream. My property fronts along the brook on the left side of this photo beginning somewhere a bit before the stream splits into two to pass around a little island.

This week, I’ll be turning my attention to working on the remaining downstairs room – The Room of the Scary Athletic Wallpaper – which I wrote about in my last post. My mom would like to fly here for a visit around mid-July, so I’m working toward that date to try to get the room finished, painted, and set up as a comfortable guest room. Hopefully, I can pull that all together.

At night, I’m still photographing moths and intend to do so for the remainder of the summer. I believe the count is up to something like 115 identified species. It’s been interesting to see what shows up each evening.

I still haven’t done much socializing in the area. In truth, I’m living a bit like a survivalist hermit, but maybe after I get things a little more under control, I’ll get out and about a bit and meet a few people.

Last but not least. Many of you are long-time readers of Robin and Roger’s Dharma Bums blog. Robin and I have been leaving comments at each other’s blogs for a long time — going back to early 2006, I think. What some of you don’t know is that Robin and Roger have been good friends across the miles as well as the internet – they were always there with words of support when Don and I were dealing with his illness a couple of years ago – and they even made and sent Don a birthday video which he cherished very much. Anyhow, if you’ve been following their blog, you’ll already know that Roger is facing some recent health challenges and will be having surgery tomorrow. I’m posting this link so that any of you who wish, can drop by and send Roger some positive energy or good vibes.

That’s all for now. I’ll try to post some photos of the latest work around the house, and also some of the sights in this area.

Written by bev on June 27th, 2010