My old trooper   10 comments

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As some of you know, before setting out from Arizona, I had given some consideration to having Sabrina put down. I wasn’t sure if she could weather the trip home as it would not be a direct route. She has had some long standing health issues which I’ve been dealing with on a day to day basis. However, in the end, I decided that her quality of life was still good enough that she could probably make the trip without too much discomfort. Once back at our summer place in Nova Scotia, I think she may be okay for awhile yet.

Being the old trooper that she is, she has done much better than I’d expected. Two weeks along the road and she seems to be thriving on the adventure and the more than occasional sausage-with-egg-mcmuffin, which has always been her breakfast of choice. She has spent several days exploring the sagebrush around my van at campsites, as well as meals cooked on the propane campstove. Hopefully my good old dog will make it back to our home in Canada in about a week.

Written by bev wigney on April 7th, 2012