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NOTE: As mentioned in my last post, the comments function of my blog no longer works. I tried to get the problem sorted out before going on the road, but to no avail. I finally resorted to setting up a new blog at another URL. It contains all of the posts that reside at this URL, but also has all of the missing comments and allows new comments to be posted. You can find the new blog location here. I’ll try to remember to put up new posts here, but I suggest updating your bookmark to the new URL.

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It took awhile, but at last we’re on the road. Although we’ve been traveling for a week, this is my first chance to put up a blog post. The delay was partly due to a lack of net connectivity while camped along the north shore of Lake Superior. However, the other reason had to do with working out some of the glitches encountered when trying to write blog posts using the iPad. More specifically, I ran into difficulties when trying to upload photos into my server account. Thus far, I haven’t found a way to do so. Eventually, I did find an app that allows me to upload into a flickr gallery and then link the image to my blog. It’s not perfect, but it works okay.

After two weeks working on travel preparations, we were on our way. The van had received a tune-up, brake job, alignment, new window motors, and an assortment of other repairs. My brother, Randy volunteered to do some of the work and coordinate garage appointments, while I repaired or replaced camping gear that had been lost or damaged during two years of travels.

The first night out, the dogs and I camped at Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park near North Bay. The next morning, the new brakes came in very handy at helping to avert almost certain destruction when a boat flew off of a trailer in the oncoming lane on Highway 17 just after we left the above-mentioned park. I noticed a brief flash of something that looked like the bow of a boat sticking up above the line of rapidly approaching vehicles. Puzzled by what I thought I’d glimpsed, I took my foot off the gas pedal and let the van begin to coast. Did I really see a boat, or was that just a mirage? Moments later, the boat was confirmed as it flipped sideways out of the line of oncoming cars. I hit the brakes and swerved off onto the shoulder of the road. It turned out that the back of the boat remained tethered to the trailer, so that it spun like a sideways eggbeater, whipping around on my side of the road. Meanwhile, it jettisoned its contents onto the highway — seat cushions, life jackets and such — but also a big red plastic gas can that was flung with such force that it skidded along the pavement toward my van and came to rest just ahead of the front bumper. Aaaarrrggh! I hate it when this kind of thing happens! As some of you might recall, I had a somewhat similar experience a couple of years ago when a great frozen glob of mud broke away from an ATV on a pickup truck that passed me on a freeway in Idaho, smashing up the hood and some other parts of my previous van. Such incidents do cause me to feel a certain amount of paranoia about flying objects.

After managing to avoid destruction, wecarried on with our day’s travels. I made up my mind to push onwards to Lake Superior Provincial Park as I hoped to get beyond the busy cottage country highways, and on up further north to where it would be a little less perilous.

agawa bay

We made it to Agawa Bay, where we camped one night. About a mile before the park gates, I stopped to let an adult black bear cross the highway. It was the final open night of the season for the campground and it turned out that there were only four sites in use. We practically had the whole place to ourselves.

Sabrina and sage at rabbit blanket lake -1

From Agawa Bay, we went on to Rabbit Blanket Lake which remains open a little later in the season. It was very peaceful there. It would have been nice to stay several nights, but as this year’s trip is off to such a late start, I was feeling some pressure to continue onward to take advantage of good weather and driving conditions.

Okay, I think I’ve got the hang of writing blog posts on the iPad, so hopefully more coming up soon.

rabbit blanket lake

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