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I’m a naturalist-photographer-writer, formerly a resident of eastern Ontario, but currently traveling throughout North America with my collies, Sabrina and Sage. My online nature photo gallery features approximately 6,000 images reflecting the biodiversity of places I’ve wandered. In the past, I wrote about nature at my blog, Burning Silo, but more recent posts may be found at Journey to the Center, where I’ve been documenting my travels and nature observations since the untimely death of my husband and best friend, Don.

My photographs have appeared in numerous publications, websites, in natural history exhibits, on nature trail interpretive signage, and in video productions – please see below for a partial list of places where images have appeared. I’m a graduate of Carleton University (Hon. BA, 93; Master of Arts, 94).

I may be contacted by email at bev@magickcanoe.com

Bev Wigney’s photography has appeared in the following:


  • 2004 – Dragons and Damsels – an exhibit of Bev’s odonate photographs at the Eastern Ontario Biodiversity Museum, in Kemptville, Ontario.
  • 2005 – Dragonfly Society of the Americas convention in Arnprior, Ontario – an exhibit of 25 of Bev’s large photographic images of dragonflies of eastern Ontario.


  • Predator upon a Flower by Douglass H. Morse, Harvard Univ. Press, 2007. Jacket cover image of Misumena vatia.
  • Ontario Odonata, 2007, Volume 7 Cover image of River Jewelwing damselfly.
  • Animal Tracks & SIgns – National Geographic published 2008. Used 8 nature photos.
  • Good Bugs Gone Bad – National Wildlife Federation Magazine Aug/Sept. 2005. 2-page spread.
  • Kaufman Field Guide to Insects of North America – Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2007. Used several images.
  • Apple: a history of Canada’s perfect fruit by Carol Martin, Mcarthur & Co, 2007 – 3 full page photos.
  • The Real Thing! Stinkbugs & Other Bugs, Tangerine Press/Scholastic, 2006. 2 full page images.
  • Spider Watching at Midewin – published by Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie, 2008 – several photos used.
  • New Scientist – issue date unknown – image of caterpillar to accompany article.
  • The Old Farmer’s 2009 Almanac – firefly on page 59.


  • Coyote Bytes – official newspaper of the Narragansett Bay Coyote Study – roadkilled coyote -lead photo in April 2006 edition.
  • EnviroZine – Environment Canada’s Online Newsmagazine – Dec. 2006, Issue 71 – Calico Pennant dragonfly in lead article.
  • Encyclopedia of Life – Argiope aurantia page – several images.
  • Qarrtsiluni “Transformation” online magazine July-Sept 2008 edition. – video & photo.
  • Nova Scotia invasive species brochure – in print and on web – Green Crab image.
  • Bill Oehlke’s Silkmoth site – several images.
  • Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s Craneflies of Pennsylvania – several images.
  • Moth Photographer’s Group – several images.
  • Fred Schueler’s presentation Doing the Streets at the Roads & Ecopassages Forum, 20 March 2007, Toronto Zoo – several images.
  • Gray Tree Frog page at New Hampshire Public Radio.
  • Dr. Stephen L. Stephenson’s presentation, An Introduction to the Morphology and Taxonomy and of Myxomycetes – images of Brefeldia maxima.
  • Spider Ranch, article in Canadian Arachnologist, May 2007, Vol. 8, pages 15-16. Writing and images.
  • Exploring Nature’s Tranquil Moods: The Mill Pond Conservation Area in Ottawa Outdoors Magazine.
  • Canadian Amphibian & Reptile Network – image of Blue-spotted Salamander.
  • Center for Ecology and Hydrology’s Harlequin Ladybird Survey – several images.
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    1. Bev, Many thanks for the ‘shout’ on your blogroll. I’m honoured to be there!

    2. Clive – It was my pleasure!


      31 Jan 10 at 11:50 pm

    3. For your Husband

      Hello , I know you were a very good husband even I don’t know you personally.From your wife I can understand she loves you so much still.
      This is life we born and then day..life is like a dream.
      May God bless you…Long life to your busy wonderful wife


      4 Aug 10 at 2:54 am

    4. Hello , I know you was a very good husband even I don’t know you personally.From your wife I can understand she loves you so much still.
      This is life we born and then die..life is like a dream.
      May God bless you…Long life to your busy wonderful wife


      4 Aug 10 at 2:56 am

    5. Hello Bev,
      It’s great to find someone like you in the web… I would feel myself fortunate if I could spend a single day the way you guys lived… Alive form, art and photography were my all time passion… (though I don’t know why I studied architecture). Anyway I am trying to engage myself fully to the things that I loved from my childhood. I have started a new journey. This time with a thorough analysis of proportion and form of everything alive. Surely the images that are available in your website should help me. Soon I hope to start taking photographs of cross section of insects…
      Anyway, delete the comment… hope to meet you someday…


      Waqar Yusuf

      27 May 11 at 5:58 am

    6. Dear Bev — Totally stumbled across your blog tonight. Digging your work, but even more, your eye.
      Would love to use your leaning pic in Betwixt and Between in this coming Sunday’s post. Providing you full credit & attribution with links back, etc., my hope is to do your photo justice. May I proceed with your blessing? Please advise at your convenience. Thanks for letting me approach with my request.



      1 Aug 13 at 10:19 pm

    7. Ms. Bev — I publish tomorrow and wanted to be sure I had your OK before I included Leaning Barn. Please advise. Thank you. Dan


      3 Aug 13 at 10:15 am

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