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I just returned from my second trip of the day to the lumber yard in town. First trip was to buy more of the pine I’m using as siding on the north wall of the house. Yes, I needed more board feet, but some was to compensate for a weird problem that I encountered when I started cutting and nailing siding to the wall. The 10 foot boards and some 8 foot board that I bought — supposed to be the same — are not. They are milled a little differently and the 8 foots were about 1/8th of an inch wider and had a slightly different profile than the 10 foots, so they can’t be used together in the same course. Well, that kind of threw a screw into my carefully calculated materials list!! After hauling wood home in several trips, I decided to just improvise and use the 8 foots further up the wall as it’s not a noticeable difference — it’s more the plank width difference — which means I can’t mix them in each course. I’m okay with it. No biggie.

What was a bigger deal was removing some “repaired” wall to find THIS underneath. I mean, like who repairs a wall and replaces some of the planks with plywood, but leaves some planks looking like THIS? I know the repair wasn’t done a way long time ago as the plywood piece covered by the same batch of shingles was screwed to the wall with fairly recent looking Robertson screws, so we’re talking recent decades and not something done during the war years or the Depression. I’m kind of imagining a former resident, now hanging out in the cemetery across the highway, getting a laugh out of knowing that someone has finally discovered their little half-assed repair job where they covered rotten, carpenter ant eaten planks. Ahahaha. Pretty funny Mr. Skeleton!

Anyhow, that’s why I made the second trip to town — to buy more planks to go under the siding. I thought I was done replacing rotten planks further down the wall, but nooooo. haha. Guess the job has just stretched out a little longer. Thank goodness for the nice autumn weather we’re having!

Written by Administrator on October 9th, 2021

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  1. Hi Bev! Thinking of you today for some reason after reading Robin’s post. Sending love.


    8 Nov 21 at 10:54 am

  2. hi am,

    good to hear from you! thanks for leaving a comment! i was just thinking that it’s time to put up another post on here as the wall rebuild of the house is finished now. i’ll try to do that tonight. everything is going okay here, but the usual rushing around doing last jobs before winter. i still haven’t got the garlic planted (project for today and tomorrow). soon it will be the quieter times of winter when i can devote a bit more time to writing blog posts and visiting favourite blogs including yours! hope you are doing well. i will try to catch up with you soon. take care. love, bev


    8 Nov 21 at 11:29 am

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