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I haven’t posted anything to my blog for three years, but I’m going to try to get back into it. Much of the reason had to do with changing blog hosts and being too busy to figure out how to get everything working. Well, I seem to have figured out how to make it work, so maybe I’m blogging again.

This is a photo that I took a few nights ago. I shoot these images of the Moon from the front doorway of the house, leaning against the door frame to steady myself as I shoot hand held (I don’t care much for using tripods). It’s a bit tricky, but I’ve got the technique down quite well.

When I shoot these Moon photos, I always think of my good friend, Dusty, whom I used to visit on way through New Mexico – going and returning home from Bisbee AZ, each winter. He liked the Moon photos – I shot quite a few to show to him. Dusty and his wife, Kath, both died in 2020. Very sad. I loved visiting them with my dogs a couple of times a year. I’d usually stay 2 or 3 nights before continuing on my way. Lots of late night talks, some good food, sometimes a visit at one of their friends’ places.

Anyhow, this moon photo is for Dusty — taken on Sept. 16, 2021.

Written by Administrator on September 22nd, 2021