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Once again, I have been missing in action for a couple or so weeks. It seems I’ve been busy with one thing or another. At the moment, I’m working on an visual and performance art installation for the Central School Project’s annual mystery ball (see info below). I’ll be posting some photos of works in progress sometime within the next few days. Anyhow, I’ve been getting out for long daily hikes along the trails in the mountains.

Awhile back, I mentioned that I would post a few photos of art pieces which were purchased the evening of the Cochise College Pit Fire Party. I finally got around to editing a few photos. The arts department had assembled several tables of ceramics and other works and objects for a silent auction to raise funds for arts programs. I bid on several pieces and also purchased a couple of items from ceramics artists who had set up displays of their work.

One of the pieces that I successfully bid on was the above vase by Lee Marshall (click on all images for larger views). It’s a neat slump-shaped vase with cats on three sides. I like to think that these are “big cats” rather than house cats — perhaps even one of the elusive Jaguars known to be here in the Sky Islands region of southeast Arizona.

Marcia Gibbons was one of the artists who had set up a display of her work. I purchased the above pair of dog and moon tiles from her. At the moment, I have no particular use in mind, but just loved the images. No doubt, I’ll find somewhere to display them when I get back to the Nova Scotia house this summer.

The above mask was one of the “objects” that was included in the silent auction fundraiser. It’s a demon mask – probably from Nepal. Of course, Sage was immediately interested when I carried it into the house. Every time I left it sitting within reach, she began investigating the demon’s face – particularly the eyes and mouth. I snapped this photo of Sage and her new friend outside the house which I rented for a month after arriving in Bisbee in November.

That’s all for now. I’ll try to put up a few short posts about some of the doings that have been happening around here over the past few weeks, as well as updates on the art installation for the Mystery Ball coming up on February 18th!

Written by bev wigney on January 24th, 2012