33 years

It’s our anniversary today. Thirty-three years. I just did a little math and realized that Don and I have been married for almost two-thirds of my life. Basically, it’s been a hoot and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have spent those two-thirds of my life with. Happy anniversary, Don!

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  1. Dave Says:

    Happy anniversary to both of you.

  2. Mark P Says:

    Yes, indeedy, how nice to have found someone you can spend that much time with and still enjoy it. Despite our advanced years, my wife and I have a long, long time to go to match that. In fact, I doubt we will survive it, unless medical science makes some startling advances soon.

  3. robin andrea Says:

    Congratulations! Thirty-three years is quite a distance. I once read that it takes twelve days for a million seconds to pass, and that it takes thirty-two years for a billion. You’re into your second billion seconds! I hope each one is filled with delight.

  4. Wayne Says:

    Congratulations, Bev and Don. Very satisfactory to think about!

  5. celeste Says:

    Happy anniversary!!! It’s a blessing to be thankful!!!

  6. am Says:

    What a splendid portrait of you together outside, with Sabrina nearby! I love that you are both looking up. Happiness is what I feel when I look at your anniversary picture today. Images that show what love looks like are a timeless and a generous gift.

    In the book, THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING, 33 years is the point at which a hobbit becomes an adult. It seems to me that that many years of marriage is a sweet milestone. It looks to me as if you and Don are celebrating a significant anniversary. Kind wishes to both of you on your anniversary day.

  7. bev Says:

    Dave – Thanks!

    Mark – Well, we were lucky enough to get off to a good head start, so two-thirds wasn’t so difficult. (-:

    robin – Now that is a cool piece of information!

    Wayne – Thanks, it is!

    celeste – It sure is. Thanks!

    am – Thank you. I’m glad that you can sense the happiness as that is just how we feel. How neat about the hobbit becoming and adult at 33 years. Somehow, that seems appropriate in our case.

  8. Peter Says:

    Happy anniversary Bev & Don.

    /Getting married on Oct 20th
    //Oh and we’re moving back to Ontario. Look out Ottawa, here we come!

  9. bev Says:

    Peter – Thanks! Congratulations on the upcoming wedding! So, you’re moving to our stomping grounds. Well, there are certainly plenty of trails that will be waiting for your arrival! (-:

  10. Marnie Says:

    Happy anniversary!

  11. Ruth Says:

    Happy Anniversary. You have us beat by 6 months. We must have been almost child brides, at least by today’s standards! ;-)

  12. threecollie Says:


  13. Cathy Wilson Says:

    Delightful, Bev. Happy Anniversary! Here’s to the next 33!

  14. Ontario Wanderer Says:


  15. bev Says:

    Marnie – Thanks!

    Ruth – Yes, we both must have gotten married at a pretty young age compared to these days!

    threecollie – Thank you!

    Cathy – Yes, here’s to the next 33! (-:

    OW – Thanks!

  16. DougT Says:

    Happy aniniversary to both of you. Here’s to at least 33 more years.

  17. Dave Says:

    Congratulations! You’re an inpiration for us all! :)

  18. bev Says:

    Doug & Dave – Thanks! (-:

  19. John Says:

    Bev, please accept my late congratulations to you and Don on 33 years of marriage! I love the portrait…it’s captures wonderfully a terrific relationship. My wife and I are working on our 28th anniversary and looking forward to matching your milestone in just a few years.

  20. bev Says:

    John – Thank you! (-:

  21. Pamela Branson Says:

    I was there, so long ago…

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