International Rock-Flipping Day – Today!

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It’s here! International Rock-Flipping Day has arrived! But before you go out there to flip a rock, or two, or several, I highly recommend dropping by Via Negativa for some additional thoughts from Dave concerning methodology, precautions, etc…

I’ll just add a couple of my own thoughts. If you’re taking photos, it would be worth photographing prospective rocks before you pick them up, and then taking a photo of that which is revealed. When you pick up a rock, be careful in how you do so — try to minimize the possibility of disturbing small creatures that might be sheltered beneath — and replace the rock as carefully in its original resting place as is possible. And, as Dave has cautioned, if you live in an area where there’s a possibility of exposing venomous spiders, snakes or scorpions, do take that into consideration before picking up any rocks (again, read Dave’s comments).

Also, refer to the above posts for instructions on how and where to report your discoveries if you don’t have a blog, and how to send the links back to Dave if you do. If you don’t have a blog and can’t figure out how to use the special Flickr gallery that has been set up for this event, you are welcome to email any photos or written descriptions, field notes, etc… and I’ll post them either here at Burning Silo, or in my own photo gallery on Pbase. Just remember to include the attribution that you would like to have appear with your photo, drawing, or written piece, as well as any caption that you would like to see included. I’ll try to put up any contributions as soon as I receive them — but I’m on the road today, on the last leg of our return journey from Nova Scotia — so there won’t be anything going up until tonight.

Okay, let’s get out there and see what we can find. I do hope to see some nice discoveries!

3 Responses to “International Rock-Flipping Day – Today!”

  1. John Says:

    Bev, I’ll take up your challenge. Today, as we wander through Arkansas, we’ll flip a rock or two and will report back what we find…though it may be a day or two. Keep enjoying your travels…they’re certainly fascinating to me!

  2. robin andrea Says:

    We blew it and didn’t flip a rock. It was one of those days where we worked in the yard. We have an open house next weekend, and there’s plenty of stuff to do to make the yard seem somewhat tame! Dang, we missed the flippin’ day.

  3. bev Says:

    John – I’m glad you took up the challenge, and *also* very glad that you got away for a short trip with your wife. Sounds like you had a pretty nice time.

    robin – Oh well, it sounds like this might well turn out to be an annual event. Who knows… maybe you’ll be flipping rocks in Humboldt or Del Norte by this time next year! Getting ready for an open house seems a little daunting, but your place is looking so great that I’m sure it’ll go very well.

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