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As some of you may remember, over the holidays, I mentioned my project of setting up my older Mac laptop to give to my mother so that she could send email, read blogs, do geneaology research, and enjoy all those other neat things that one can do online. She had an older PC before, but it was prone to falling victim to viruses and other similar catastrophes. She’s now had the laptop for a couple of weeks and is already clicking her way around the net visiting all of the blogs that I bookmarked on a “Good Blogs” list. If you’re on my blogroll, she’s probably already visited you! So far, she’s just lurking, but in time, she may get the hang of posting comments and give it a try.

Anyhow, the following compilation of links is for everyone (including my mother). This time around, I decided to include links to a couple of sites that go beyond what we might usually regard as blog posts. I enjoy seeing how people use the net to express themselves, and this week, I’ve encountered a few examples that seem well worth sharing. I hope you’ll find them of interest.

* At Pohanginapete, the latest essay and photos from Pete’s travels in India. As always, the photos are stunning.

* The January 13th edition of Good Planets is now up at Somewhere In NJ. Thanks, Laura, for putting together another wonderful collection of photos from contributors around the world.

* The next is a group of posts made by Pablo of Roundrock Journal following his trip to Kenya. The trip didn’t go as planned, but you can learn more about that as you read his most interesting account. Here are some links to get you started on your journey: Risky BehaviourIncident on a TrainKenyan Sojourn, Part OneKenyan Sojourn, Part Two — and, well, keep on reading as there are more installments to the saga.

* As the calendar flipped to 2007, I’d been giving some thought to things I’d like to try to do this year. As it turned out, I wasn’t alone. At Musings from Myopia, John was also giving some consideration to goals for the coming year. I posted a small list of my own in the comments. You might want to wander over to see if you have at least a couple in common and maybe post some of yours as well.

* Always one to push the envelope, it seemed only a matter of time before Dave would add a new element of interest at Via Negativa. It started off with a musical performance, but as you’ll discover, he’s taking this much further. Go read about it and don’t forget to switch on your sound if you’re like me and surf the net with the “mute” turned on.

* At Old Girl from the North Country, you’ll find what might best be described as an artist’s online retrospective. If you enjoy reading what artists have to say about their work, I think you’ll find Am’s blog of interest.

* And finally, if you’ve got a decent net connection, or even if you just have at crappy one and abundant patience (like me), trip on over to The Space Lizard Chronicles to view a couple of interesting works by a very creative friend on the left coast. The first is 2020 Oregon, a video meme. If you like the message, be sure to pass it on as that’s what it’s about. As for the second piece, ChemTrails!, just check it out and read about how it was created — pretty kewl if you ask me.

Okay, that’s all for now. Hope all the links work. If they don’t someone let me know. I’ll try to put together some more interesting links sometime soon.

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8 Responses to “recently read, seen, or heard – and enjoyed”

  1. robin andrea Says:

    Oh yes, I read almost everyone on your list. A great compilation, Bev. Reading Pete’s writings, and taking a look at his photos is as close to being there. His talent is truly breathtaking. My mom reads our blogroll too. She doesn’t leave comments yet either!

  2. pablo Says:

    Well, thanks for the plug of my humble little blog.

  3. Jimmy Says:

    Very Good! I will check these out.

  4. John Says:

    Thanks, Bev, for making mention of my blog and my plans for the year. I’ll continue to drop by and direct my visitors your way, too. John

  5. burning silo Says:

    robin – I’ve noticed quite a few of the same blogs on our blogroll so we’re definitely crossing paths – again, one of the nice things about the blogging community… it very much seems to reflect the “we are all connected” way of looking at the world. My mom has been visiting DB, and has also been visiting some of the blogs on your blogroll (she’s already branching out!). She says she’s going to try doing comments pretty soon.

    pablo – My pleasure! And it’s not so humble a little blog! (-:

    Jimmy – I hope you will. Lots of good reading and things to look at and listen to.

    John – You’re most welcome!

  6. Dave Says:

    Thanks for the plug of VN – but also of two that were new to me: “Old Girl From the North Country” and your genius friend with the ChemTrails video. Most of the others I had already found on my own.

  7. Dave Says:

    Incidentally, speaking of mothers, mine is one of my most faithful readers, but I haven’t managed to get her reading beyond VN yet. Probably never – she doesn’t spend much time in front of a computer. Would rather be outside. :( But I’m giving her a blog, whether she wants one or not. It’s stuff she would write (has written) anyway:

  8. burning silo Says:

    Dave – You’re welcome. OGFTNC was new to me too, and I was hoping others might enjoy seeing ChemTrails. Pretty neat. I figured the rest might be familiar to many of us. Re: mothers – yes, my mom started out reading my blog, but she’s gotten into reading other blogs too. She’s more of an outdoors person, but she’s finding it nice to be able to make the rounds of everyone’s blogs to see what’s going on in other parts of the planet, especially in winter when she can’t work in her garden. I just had a quick look at your mother’s blog. I must spend some time reading through it. I’ve been thinking that my mom might like to blog about her family’s history as it’s quite interesting and very much tied to history here in eastern Ontario. We’ll see!