a beautiful mosaic

Over the past couple of days, I’ve shot a lot of interesting photos that I’m hoping to post later this week. I’m just starting to sort through everything, do some edits, and upload my favourites, but wanted to post one of the nicest finds of the weekend. I’m quite certain this is a Springtime Darner (Basiaeschna janata) – a species of dragonfly that is usually grouped with the Mosaic Darners (genus Aeshna). Above is a side view of it perched on a fallen tree. I found it hunting in a meadow not too far from a lake. It was doing a lot of flying, but by waiting patiently, I was able to get this shot when the darner finally took a break — possibly perching to eat prey which it might have finished just before I approached.

Now, while the above photo is quite nice, what I really wanted to show you is a detail of the thorax and abdomen. I can’t really post the version I’d like you to see because it’s just too large for the format of this page, but I’ve linked it to the thumbnail shot on the left. You can click on it to see a version that is 9 inches wide by 18 inches tall (approx. 135 kb).

The abdomen markings are wonderful — like tarnished copper with chips of a soft sky blue. The area of the upper thorax where the wings join the body seems particularly beautiful — small bits of soft peach and mint surrounded by the dark network of the attaching wing structure. It all reminds me of heavily leaded windows with opaque stained glass. I can certainly see why the dragonfly motif appealed so much to Louis Comfort Tiffany.

A good part of the reason that I photograph certain creatures and objects is to be able to see them in greater detail. I’m interested in knowing more about the structure of all things. To me, being able to take photos and then examine them at full-size on my computer is so incredible – and something which I enjoy being able to share with others.

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2 Responses to “a beautiful mosaic”

  1. Jimmy Says:

    I really like these photos…a very beautiful insect.

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