bioblitzing here at the farm

Diurnal Firefly (Ellychnia corrusca) resting atop a bright yellow Xanthoria species of lichen
which is growing over a Physcia aipolia lichen.

This is just an update to let everyone know that I haven’t fallen off the face of the Blogger BioBlitz map — at least, not yet! I skipped posting yesterday to concentrate on taking photos, and…well… because I was feeling a little burnt out after the previous couple of days of bioblitz posts and a late evening of visiting frog call monitoring stations to check out the calling activity. I believe I may be getting a little too old for such things. Anyhow, back to the business at hand.

I’ve been shooting lots of photos of insects, birds, trees, and even a couple of mammals. I’ve barely begun editing the photos and have decided to leave that for tonight or tomorrow as there is rain in the forecast. However, the weather is looking good for today, so I’m heading back outdoors to do some more wandering around in search of flora and fauna to photograph. I seem to see at least one really nice thing each time I walk about through the fields and woods. Yesterday, it happened to be this nice Diurnal Firefly (Ellychnia corrusca) sitting atop a little bright yellow patch of some kind of Xanthoria lichen, which, in turn, is growing atop a larger patch of Physcia aipolia, a lichen that seems to grow everywhere on the Trembling aspen around the farm. If you would like to know more about the firefly (this is a non-luminous species), check out this page from the University of Alberta entomology collection website.

So, what am I doing with the photos that I’ve been taking?

I have just set up a gallery for images. There’s not much in it as yet, but here it is. Inside the gallery will be “sub-galleries” for each flora and fauna group. I’ve just put up a few insects and one bird so far, but I’ll try to add a few more during breaks today. As I get around to adding mammals, plants and trees, etc… the thumbnails of each of those will appear. To get into each sub-gallery, just click on the thumbnail with the caption “Insects at the Farm”, “Birds at the Farm”, etc…

Hopefully, if I’m lucky, there will plenty to see by the end of the week. I’m also working on drawing up a sketch-map of the farm to help you visualize what it’s like here.

By the way, one creature I was *not* at all happy to find here at the farm was a tick. We’ve never had problems with ticks here, but did find one small one on Sabrina’s coat last summer — first one in the thirty years we’ve been here. Well, this morning, as I was scratching Sabrina on the head, I felt a lump, and sure enough, there was an engorged tick attached to her skin. I removed it and will have to check around to see if there is somewhere here in Ontario to send ticks to have them ID’d and checked for Lyme disease if they are of the species known to be carriers. When we were in Nova Scotia last year, Sabrina got three ticks on her, and I sent them to a government lab in Halifax to have them checked out. All were of a species that does not carry Lyme. Anyhow, just another “new thing” appearing here at the farm.

Anyhow, enough talk… time to get my cameras and head back out to the field!


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